The Amazing Journey of a Catering Customer

Customer JourneyI love my job!

Being a team member of the MMS Catering Institute™ has afforded me great opportunities to work with amazing brands and even more incredible people. One particular example gives me significant fulfillment.

We began to work with a well-known, long standing, and much loved multi-unit restaurant group in April 2012. Our endeavor started with a focus on the cornerstone to all successful catering programs: its foundation – the Catering Strategy. This organization had dabbled in the catering business for several years, but it was never a priority or major focus for the brand… until now.

Catering Strategy and Software implementation can give a boost to an existing program

The newly appointed Director of Catering is one of the biggest brand champions and senior most veterans for the company at 35 years! His passion for the brand and his desire to make the catering program succeed is exciting, intoxicating and infectious. We spent many months working very closely together, engaging all the executives from the company and together built a very strong foundation for the catering program based on our Five Pillars of Restaurant Catering – Catering Leadership, Centralized Services, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Delivery Program.

Once the strategy and foundation were in place, we moved onto software implementation. The company had previously used a system that the (now) Director of Catering had helped to create, and it was time for an upgrade. He says his favorite aspects of the software are the amazing visibility it gives to everyone in the organization, the national standardization it allows, and the tools it provides to support sales growth.

Education is key to solidifying the catering team and ensuring future success

The third part of the project was Education. I have had the pleasure of spending a few days with all of the Catering Sales Managers and taking them through our Catering Sales Manager (CSM) Certification Course. What a fun filled experience! I love to see the glimmer and excitement in sales people’s eyes when they learn new techniques and ideas. All of us Monkeys thrive on the opportunity to help our clients grow and succeed!

Today, through this journey we have taken together, our client is now enjoying double digit sales increases, and this is only the beginning! I am so thankful to work with all my clients and to be along for the journey! Thank you!

Tracy Avolio - VP, Client Services, MMS Catering Institute