Support For Your Catering Team


Catering Support TeamCatering Sales Managers (CSMs) are key team members in any catering program strategy, but they need support from other team members to do their jobs properly. There are many support roles that can help to optimize program success, including:

  • Catering Coordinator
  • General Manager
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Catering Service Representative
  • Catering Accounts Receivable Clerk

Catering Coordinator

The Catering Coordinator is responsible for assisting stores with catering execution through the entire order manufacturing and distribution process, while liaising with the Catering Sales Manager to help drive sales at the store level. With a focus on a single store, Catering Coordinators work closely with store-level employees and make sure that the catering program is being executed in a predictable, scale-able and controlled manner.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Organizing deliveries, maintaining driver files and enforcing delivery standards
  • Pre- and post-order activities, including delivery coordination, customer follow-up and conflict resolution
  • Support for Catering Sales Manager in regards to sales, paperwork, and next-day preparation

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for flawless catering order execution and for assisting with the training of catering team members at the store level. In addition to understanding the catering program’s goals thoroughly, the General Manager should be able to educate on specifics such as menu, customer service and retention, execution, and sales and marketing.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Staff scheduling to accommodate the catering program’s volatility
  • In-store customer relationship management
  • Schedule and monitor ongoing training for the catering team

Delivery Drivers

Whether an existing member of the catering team or specifically employed to drive orders to customers, the Delivery Driver is responsible for the last impression the catering customer receives. Delivery Drivers are external ambassadors for the brand and must be well trained in customer service and sales skills.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Verify, pack and deliver orders
  • Provide immediate communication to Catering Sales Managers and/or General Managers on duty
  • Business area canvassing post-delivery to generate additional catering sales opportunities/leads

Catering Service Representative

If your brand has a centralized model, then a Catering Service Representative (CSR) handles the conversational ordering that goes with fielding a catering order. CSRs service customers on the telephone and are responsible for keying orders into your order entry system

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Communication and customer service skills to understand customer needs
  • Represent the brand while taking catering orders
  • Menu recommendations and up-selling menu items to increase order value

Catering Accounts Receivable Clerk

Although this isn’t a required position within the catering team, a dedicated Accounts Receivable Clerk will manage the set up of house accounts and the related collection of payments for the catering program. In addition, the AR Clerk will provide statements, send collection notices and monitor all financial activity within a customer billing account.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage credits, refunds and chargebacks
  • Invoicing, collection of payments, and write-off determination
  • Communication with finance to report discrepancies and process improvement recommendations

Local Store Catering Marketing Manager

Last, but not least, various brands have Local Store Catering Marketing Managers who may work directly with the Catering Sales Manager to drive sales and increase buying frequency. They work under the umbrella of the brand’s marketing team to create community relevant campaigns.

The secret to creating an efficient and profitable catering program begins with the people you put in place to run it. Having well-defined roles helps to grow sales while offering excellent customer service.

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