delivery workshop

Recommended for:

Restaurant Delivery Drivers, Operators, Catering Coordinators, Regional Managers, Director of Catering, Training Department, Franchisees, Executive Support Team 

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During this half day, onsite Restaurant Delivery Driver training course we will discuss the various roles and responsibilities that must be considered to create a dynamic catering team for your catering business. In many cases, the delivery driver is one of two touch points our guests have with our brand, and is an instrumental component in the overall catering program success.  The success of the catering order rests solely with that driver once he/she leaves the restaurant.

The idea of having a formal driver program where the drivers only deliver catering orders can seem unnecessary. Our focus in this course is to make sure your drivers stand out from the competition by offering an elevated service level, and are equipped with some proactive emergency methods, have the tools needed to deliver an extraordinary experience to the catering customer and make sure the catering program grows and prospers.

Attendees will experience interactive classroom learning as well as group breakout sessions.

At the end of the session, delivery drivers will feel knowledgeable and prepared to deliver catering at a high level.  

Training will focus on the following concepts:

  • Understanding the size of the prize; why catering is so important to the brand.
  • Catering ordering influencers – delivery driven.  The expectations and needs of catering customers are very specific and different from that of our retail guest.  Understand what matters to the buyer and how delivery can affect results.
  • Catering Support Team Roles. Understand who the players are and the roles they play in the catering program; highlighting the key points of importance of the delivery driver role.
  • Delivery Driver Role, Responsibilities and Skill Set
  • Delivery Driver Daily Routine
  • Canvassing / Lead Generation
  • 6 Steps to Flawless Execution; where the delivery driver plays a part

Driver Execution Tools:

Learn business processes and tools that will help drivers and locations follow a systematic process to ensure success.

  • Quality Assurance Checklist
  • 911 Kit
  • Set-Up Schematic
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Vehicle Safety Management.  (Ensure safety at all times for the brand, the driver and the customer using best practices system-wide.)


  • Lesson Quiz, Catering Institute Certification, and Industry Recognition
  • Driver Training Manual