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Catering Institute™ faculty members will work closely with your brand team leaders to document your current catering program and benchmark it against the 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering.

Through active onsite engagement, we will prepare recommendations and identify gaps using the business framework of the 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering.  The ultimate goal is to identify opportunities and best practices to help establish catering as an accelerated growth platform targeting robust growth of total system catering sales as the objective.

Our faculty members have been certified in a catering leadership model through The Catering Institute™ and will apply our 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering framework and methodology to evaluate the restaurant catering program, as well as provide up-to-date restaurant catering market analysis.

We will focus on Leadership. Sales and Marketing, Centralized Services, Operations and Delivery.  In addition, we will consider the interplay between Takeout and Catering that will become an integral perspective to help your brand with clear program definition.


  1. To document a very clear and comprehensive idea of the current catering order and sales processes and systems through on-site examination of catering leadership, operations, sales and marketing, centralization and delivery programming.
  2. To formulate recommendations on developing the current catering program into an accelerated growth platform for the company. These strategic recommendations will center on building brand loyalty outside the four walls as it relates to both social catering and the business-to-business sales channel.

On-Site Catering Assessment:   

  • Engaged Needs Analysis – Meet with the team and discuss current IT, leadership, marketing, operations, delivery and catering sales to understand leadership alignment and full scope of identified catering program needs and current assessments regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Evaluate current Catering Sales, Marketing programs and review customer acquisition and retention/relationship activity.
  • Assess and evaluate current technology supporting today’s business.
  • Visit key company locations to evaluate and assess company order execution, facilities and production capabilities.
  • Explore order processing and evaluate ease of ordering against key competitors.
  • Evaluate facility constraints and current program talent capabilities.
  • Review current packaging, focusing on brand presence, cost efficiency, and usability.
  • Analyze current catering menu.
  • Analyze in-store catering collateral and presence.
  • Shadow catering delivery execution.
  • Assess current CRM platform and evaluate capabilities.
  • Study current sales and sales support.
  • Examine Catering Orders and Execution from consumer perspective.
  • Examine Catering Orders and Execution from operations perspective.

Supporting Supplemental Off-site Analysis and Research:

  • Catering Decision Maker Key Influencers Outlined

Project Deliverables:

Catering On-Site Assessment Report with Catering Business Case Rationale and Program Development Roadmap

  • Make leadership, delivery, operational, sales and marketing and centralized programming recommendations based on current catering consumer behavior insights and analyst research.
  • Make Software Recommendation that facilitates full spectrum of solutions.
  • Recommend Organizational Structure.
  • Engineer current capabilities for increased sales and profitability.
  • Develop Catering Roadmap to Success designed to establish catering as an accelerated growth platform for the brand.
  • Present findings in executive summary detailing rationale with fact-based findings.
  • Include and address catering budget in recommendations and business case.


We completed the onsite assessment with Tracy and Deb this past fall. The insight gained is invaluable. Catering is truly another segment of your business and while our corporate staff has decades of restaurant experience, we were amazed and impressed by how much we learned.  We had several “ah ha” moments and realized that while creating and growing the catering side of Rotolo’s was a large undertaking the road map Tracy provided made it manageable and laid out clear obtainable growth goals. -Christina M. Bourg, VP Marketing & Brand Development, Rotolo’s Pizzeria