catering sales manager

The Master Class for Catering Sales Management training is a one day onsite, interactive training session.  This course offers comprehensive sales management education aimed at improving sales performance for catering leaders and their teams.  This workshop will provide expert sales training techniques to enable CSM’s to acquire new catering customers, build relationships and  better insure repeat orders and customer loyalty.  In addition, Catering Leadership, Operational Execution, Centralization and world class Delivery behaviors will be discussed.  

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catering sales manager

Attendees will experience interactive classroom learning as well as group breakout sessions to practice the learning provided.

At the end of the session, candidates will feel knowledgeable and prepared to go after high order volume customers with a focused sales strategy.

Training will focus on the following concepts:

    • Catering Industry Data and Insights
    • Catering Business Development Roles and Responsibilities
    • Canvassing and Lead Generation
    • Effective Cold Calling Techniques
    • Consultative Sales Training
    • Catering Buyers and their Identified Needs
    • Buyer Types and Sales Segments
    • Best Practice Business Tools & Resources
    • Time Management Recommendations


  • Lesson Quiz, Catering Institute Certification, and Industry Recognition
  • Study Guide

“The Master Class for Catering Sales Management in Dallas was a great event for my catering sales team to attend! Everyone came away from the training with new ideas and reminders of techniques that we need to revisit more often. I highly recommended it for any brand that is building their catering business. Whether your team is new to restaurant catering sales and need basic sales techniques or have been in the business for years, this event will give you with new insights to take with you and make part of your plan.” – Jackie M. Kurkjian, National Director of Catering & Backline Sales, Potbelly

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