catering workshops

Recommended for:

Operators, Catering Coordinators, Regional Managers, Director of Catering, Training Department, Franchisees, Executive Support Team 

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In this half day, onsite, interactive Flawless Execution workshop we will provide the attendees with a clear understanding of the importance Operations plays in the overall Catering program success.  Flawless execution practices will enable the brand to acquire new catering customers and build relationships that develop order frequency. Skills training will focus on techniques that create lifelong customer relationships to better ensure repeat orders and customer brand loyalty.    

Attendees will experience interactive classroom learning as well as group breakout sessions.

At the end of the session, operators will feel knowledgeable and prepared to execute catering at a high level.  

Training will focus on the following concepts:redrobin

  • Understanding the size of the prize; why catering is so important to each restaurant operator.
  • How catering customers differ from our retail guest.
  • Catering ordering influencers – operations driven.  The events, expectations and needs of catering customers are very specific and different from that of our retail guest.  Understand what matters to the buyer and how you can affect results.
  • Catering Support Team Roles.  Catering is a team effort and requires the support of multiple departments and positions.  Understand who the players are and the role they play in the catering program.
  • Overall Operator Catering Focus.  Operators are responsible for multiple facets of the catering program – execution, packaging, staff training, communication & recognition, driver management and 4-wall selling.
  • Flawless Execution.  Step by step execution procedures to help ensure flawless execution, which leads to customer retention, new customer acquisition, referrals, frequency and loyalty.


  • Lesson Quiz, Catering Institute Certification, and Industry Recognition