Our workshops and courses focus on sales growth and best practices for takeout, delivery, and catering.

They’re perfect for sales leaders, service representatives, restaurant owner/operators, franchisees, general managers, and delivery drivers.

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On-site: Cold Calling Techniques

On-site or Online: Restaurant Catering Sales – “Hot Targets”

On-site: Master Class in Catering Sales Management

On-site: Flawless Execution in Off-Premise

On-site: Delivery Driver Performance Management

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Speaking Engagements

Bring our CEO, Erle Dardick, to your next franchise convention, corporate engagement or industry conference.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Erle’s dynamic talks will energize your teams. His signature speaking engagements provide proven strategies for building or improving your restaurant’s takeout, delivery and catering operations.

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Mentorships and Coaching

Support plays an important role in achieving your goals. This mentorship program helps to train, develop, and certify program leaders and position them for success.

As a participant, you’ll receive personal attention, motivation, and help staying on track with your business strategy and performance targets.




Sales Manager Certification

As a sales manager, you play an integral role in catering operations. Certification sets you apart as a leader in catering for your organization.


Catering Store Certification

Have your restaurant certified to ensure catering standards are in place.


Catering Certification for Supply Chain Partners

As a restaurant supplier, certification helps your sales team to sell more services.

Get Certified

Have your organization benchmarked against the 5 Pillars. Our certification programs instill consistent standards of quality and accountability for your catering operations.

By investing in on-going training opportunities, teams keep their skills sharp and up-to-date.

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Learning Resources

Training ground 101. Get insight into how to build and differentiate your catering business through educational essays, webinars, and more.

We’re happy to provide you access to resources like webinars, essays and white papers on off-premise strategies, developed by senior faculty members, and built around the 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Takeout, Delivery & Catering.

Restaurant Catering Expansion Webinar Series More Resources



Needs Analysis

Not sure where to start? A needs analysis is a great way to see the big picture. We’ll evaluate your catering program in relation to the 5 pillars, then provide recommendations. Best of all, it’s completely complimentary.

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On-site Assessments

Bring the Catering Institute to you! Sometimes, “face time” can be the most effective way to read your business and create the most dynamic change.

We love meeting our customers and spending time with them to make a deep assessment of their needs.

Custom Consulting

One size does not fit all. Don’t see what you want here? Contact us. We’ll work together to come up with consulting that suits your needs.