Responsible Catering


Responsible Catering Earn trust with predictable and reliable service every time! This means across your brand as a whole. You want your customers to be comfortable ordering from any location or region because they know that the meal and service will be the same no matter where they are.

  • Order placement should follow a consistent format – this ensures all necessary information is gathered at the time of ordering by knowledgeable employees who have the ability to upsell high-profit items such as beverages and desserts.
  • Shared services are a necessity to the serious catering program. This is the call center that receives all catering calls and orders. By having a centralized order intake point, you can ensure your clients will receive a consistent, positive experience from staff members who know your catering offerings and services intimately. The orders can then be routed to the stores in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Follow up with a call from the manager. This gives the customer the feeling that you care about each order… and you do! Any unresolved issues may be addressed and future business discussed.
  • Conduct surveys. Often customers will be more honest on a survey. By asking specific questions you will get feedback on any part of the process that isn’t working as well as it should.
  • Keep in contact. No one likes to feel like a number, and staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis keeps your service top of mind.
  • Don’t forget sleepy clients. These are the ones that order less than once per month. It can be easy to forget to touch base with them, but they will actually make up a good chunk of your revenue, especially around the holidays. Contact them with special offers to entice them to order more frequently.
  • Reward loyalty with a rewards program! B2B catering is big business and these customers spend a lot of company dollars on catered meals. Having a formal rewards program lets them know that you recognize how valuable they are to your catering business. This program can sometimes be a determining factor between you and your competitors!
  • Say ‘Thank You.’ It sounds really simple, but rarely do customers get thanked for their business. Make your business standout by specifically thanking each catering customer and rewarding them in some way, either with a special offer or other teaser to draw them to your business again.
  • Turn the negative into a positive. If a customer does have a negative experience, let them know you acknowledge that experience and accept responsibility for it. Then convince them to give you another chance with a deeply discounted offering.

Loyal customers outspend other customers 13 to 1. A 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase your profits 25% to 85%.