Responsibility in Catering

Last week my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world. Noah was born on November 11th, 2012. After the delivery I took some time to reflect on my responsibility as a father and as a leader in our company. As often happens, I began thinking about our clients and the responsibility they have to grow their business in and out of their four walls.

While new to the industry, sitting a few steps from Erle and Mo, I’ve quickly caught the catering bug. And while the execution of a industry-leading catering program isn’t easy, it does make sense.

Ultimately, owners and operators of restaurants, as well as their staff and vendors, have a responsibility to drive sales and improve their business through efficiency, execution and outstanding customer service. Catering can do this for almost any restaurant, but it’s multi-unit operators who can truly reap the benefits of a great catering and off-premise business. Thinking in and out of your four walls, catering is a responsibility that you shouldn’t ignore – especially when competition is only increasing in the QSR and Fast Casual segments. Leveraging brand loyalty to Feed Your Customers Where They LIVE, WORK & PLAY!™ simply makes sense. Consider it your responsibility to drive your catering bus to a more profitable and successful business.

Let’s talk catering.