Publishing Intelligence

This has been a watershed year in training and education in our company. Our Professional Services department has been breaking new ground educating our existing customers, prospects and call centre personnel on off premise excellence. They have also been laying the foundation for our new customers so that we have alignment that supports software intervention.

It feels like software training has been playing catch-up all year, as our MonkeyCatering platform has nearly doubled in size – in terms of modules, features and functions – and the old training delivery methods were sometimes stretched.

In software training, we made some fundamental shifts to accommodate this growth in 2012:  rethinking the customer engagement processes, and the timing of training shocks, developing new methods and protocols for in person and online training, adding video to the mix, and also the delivery of written content. This post looks at the changes to written content.

We made a fundamental change to build for this growth in 2012, and I’m happy to say, we’re almost complete in our DITA xml transition of materials – which is already paying dividends in enabling structured content, content reuse and version control of learning support.

Looking back, this has been a 2 year project – From encountering the DITA standard, to getting deep into it, to applying it to our R & D system, to rolling out to MonkeyCatering. Many thanks to the technical savvy of our new recruit, Denise Bunn, who has helped make this rollout possible. Change takes time. Next up,conversion of education materials to a similarly structured approach.

This is a small part of a larger vision, articulated here:

Happy New Year!