Monkey Picnic

OK, so I’m a little late with this post, but now that Fall is here, I thought it might be appreciated to remember one of the Monkey Team’s key summer events – The Monkey Picnic. An event that takes place every year, at the height of summer, in the middle of Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park, this is the time that our team gets together for sunshine, BBQ, games and good times:


This year’s MonkeyPicnic marked the end of a special week where we had all of our Monkeys in the office – our Canadian team and our US team. This was a great opportunity for those who might not have already to meet those in person that are usually a voice on the end of a phone. We had amazing weather that day, and soon enough, the water balloons that were meant for a game, were soon being used in one giant water fight…

Water Fight

However, this didn’t mean that the youngest Monkeys lost out in any way. There were plenty of other activities to keep them occupied, including a long list of fun items like tongue-twisters, blowing the biggest gum bubble, doing the Monkey Hula, and creating these very cute little fireflies out of craft materials:

Bug Making

Another fun occasion to mark in our calendar, an event that everyone looks forward to, and one that gives the team a chance to meet their coworkers’ families. It’s not often that we all get to spend time together outside of the daily work day, and when we do it’s always a good time.

How do you celebrate your team’s summer? Do you you have your own events like a picnic or BBQ? We’d love to hear your stories, so please share with us!