Fast Casual Executive Summit 2012

FCES2012The Fast Casual Executive Summit is upon us once again and the Monkeys are headed to San Diego for the event.

We are excited to see all the other attendees, spend time on the show floor discussing what we do best (be sure to stop by for your bananas and balls!), and also attending great networking events – I think the USS Midway will be a definite talking point.

In addition, MonkeyMedia Software is one of the leaders of the Food Tour that happens on Sunday – we hope to see a lot of industry friends there so we can spend some time talking and eating at some of San Diego’s finest fast-casual eateries. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

One last thing before we get back to show preparation – our CEO, Erle Dardick, is moderating the CEO Roundtable, part of the show’s grand finale on Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to hear from some of the fast-casual industry’s leading founders and executives, as they discuss the success of their own brands, as well as trends and growth in the industry as a whole.

There is lots to look forward to and only a few days left before we get to enjoy it all.

Don’t forget to follow the crew, all using the event topic #FCSummit:

  • MonkeyMedia Software – @MonkeyMedia
  • Mo Asgari (President) – @AsgariMo
  • Erle Dardick (CEO) – @MonkeyMediaCEO
  • Joel Jaffe (VP Sales & Marketing) – @joeljaffe

See you on the ground in California!

Fast Casual So Far (Posted October 23, 2012)

Well, it has definitely been an eventful, fun-filled weekend so far here at the Fast Casual Executive Summit 2012.

As I sit looking out my window at The US Grant, a beautiful old hotel with a ton of history, I can’t help but smile at all the great networking and people we have connected with so far.

The Summit started out with a food tour, and our fearless leader, Joel Jaffe, took us on a tour of Panda Express, Luna Grill, Burger Lounge and Tender Greens. With company facts as well as some random fun ones thrown in for good measure, The Monkeys had a great opportunity to speak with other attendees over some amazing food at each location. Rumour has it that Bus A was the bus to be on!

Check out some of the shots throughout the tour…

Tonight, we headed out to the US Midway for some historic tours and a fabulous dinner on the flight deck. What a superb end to the day!

Going Out With A Bang (Posted October 30, 2012)

What an awesome event! The Fast Casual Executive Summit came to an end last week, and the Monkeys closed it out with the much anticipated and very much requested Hype video.

Despite the fact that last year’s video was an impromptu, on-site, last minute affair, there was non-stop buzz about what this year’s video would entail even before we got to the show.

With the bar set so high, the Monkeys had a lot to live up to….and the pressure was on.

And we think we did a pretty good job!

Check out the video here – Fast Casual Hype 2012. We dare you not to sing along.