Is a Catering Call Center Right for Your Organization?

Inktel-LogoOn Thursday, September 27, we held our latest Catering Makes Sense Webinar.

This edition featured Dave Drayton (SVP Solutions) and Jason Schlenker (VP Business Development) from Inktel, a provider of outsourced contact center solutions to several of the world’s leading brands. Inktel specializes in managing both inbound and outbound multi-channel sales and service environments.

We were pleased to welcome attendees from various walks of life in the multi-unit restaurant community – everyone from presidents and VP’s of Operations, to catering sales and restaurant managers. It was clear to see that there was a huge industry initiative to drive incremental sales and catering in the multi-unit space is the most profitable way to do so.

Attendees learned about the state of the industry as a whole, how important it is to protect your brand, the impacts of social media on that brand, and the differences between centralized and decentralized operations, as well as in-house vs. outsourced services. Inktel provided some great advice as to making sure those looking for call center services ensure they choose the right partner to help them achieve their catering sales goals.

There were a number of great takeaways from the webinar, and if you want to find out what they are, be sure to register on our website for access to the presentation and accompanying materials.

See you for the next webinar, coming at the end of the year!