How To Get Organized for Catering in 2017

Have you ever felt  frustrated because your work wasn’t being recognized? Have you ever felt under appreciated or under valued?  Not only as a catering sales2016-2017 manager but in some other professional roles. Let’s talk  about visibility and how it’s incumbent upon us to make sure our activities are not only being shared but validated with our internal partners. Calendar management is the “backbone of highly organized sales habits”.

As a Catering Sales Manager (CSM) here are some tips on how you can manage your calendar and divide into these sections:


  • Following up on emails, voice mail messages, expenses and other office work

Researching New Companies:

  • Networking with fellow CSM’s that have found great new opportunities that may be in your area as well
  • Doing internet searches using tools like “” to locate companies in your area

Outbound Cold Calling:

  • Calling “pre-qualified” companies to identify decision makers within the organization and setting up a meeting with them all at one time!

B2B Presentations: 

  • Face-to-face presentations with pre-qualified B2B companies


  • Dropping off menus and marketing collateral to offices after B2B meetings
  • Lead generation and qualification

Internal Client Activities:

  • Visiting Stores at busy times to sell catering services
  • Conducting quality assurance checks at delivery sites
  • Stopping by the stores to tell the managers about a great delivery experiences

Customer Relations Activities: 

  • Call all first time order contacts and harvest referrals!
  • Call customers that haven’t ordered in a specific amount of time

Follow Up and Closing: 

  • Follow up on all meetings and catering quotes

When you organize your day around these activities, you may feel productive, energized and most of all efficient!   Make sure that your activities are aligned with your manager’s expectations.

Here is to a very successful and productive 2017.

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