Hillary's Hints: Nurture Relationships to Create Customers for Life

100622_ten_tips_trust_bharwada_lgFrom The Desk of a Monkey

Sometimes, you have to give to get. This can be true in every aspect of life, but is especially true in building your catering programs’ client base and sales. I came across this article last week and thought it was the perfect example of going above and beyond, caring about your customers, and the positive impact it can have – Mellow Mushroom Makes Special Delivery.

Such a fantastic story and Mellow Mushroom Pizza now has a customer for life. And you can bet your bottom catering dollar that this woman will be a champion for the brand, telling her story and recommending their services to family, friends, and colleagues!

At the MonkeyMedia Software Catering Institute™ we believe in the importance of building a relationship with your client. Getting to know them, listening to them and understanding their needs are paramount to building a successful relationship. You see, we are all, for the most part, emotional buyers. We like to feel a connection to what we are spending our dollars on.  We like to shop where we get treated with respect and where we demand good service.

Your Catering Sales Managers should be pounding the pavement to acquire new clients, promoting your great food and your great service. Your Catering Service Representatives need to be nurturing those clients, treating each and every one of them to world class service, developing the relationship, going above and beyond, and your Operations and Delivery Team need to execute 100%, 100% of the time.

Bottom Line: Treat your client the way you want to be treated as a client.

When the opportunity arises to take it a bit further… do it, and watch those catering sales continue to grow!

Simple Right? The fact is yes, it is simple… when you have the right systems and people in place. Need help getting there? Just send me an email or give me a call and we can talk through it!

Great job Mellow Mushroom!