Growing Your Catering Team


Now Hiring!Today’s restaurant market is becoming more competitive as it continues to grow, and with 2014 seeing restaurant job openings rising to a high, it’s more important to get your positions noticed in the sea of other postings on social media, Craigslist, industry-related sites, and so on.

Search Online

In the past, restaurants looking to hire might have taken an ad out in a newspaper but with services such as Craigslist now, it can be easier to fill positions more quickly, and more suitably for the type of position being hired for. Hourly positions are much more likely to be filled through this online medium rather than a more official posting that would be better suited to an executive or management position. You can also use social media to cover any type of posting – see our recent post on Tips for Socially Recruiting Your Team.

Portray Your Brand Clearly

Often you can post job descriptions online and get inundated with responses, many of which can end up being completely unqualified for the position you are looking to fill. You want to portray your brand, use language that potential candidates can relate to, and work to attract those that are already knowledgeable about your brand and organization, but be sure to remain clear on what you expect from candidates. Of course, you are always going to end up with those applicants that aren’t really suited well to the position you have posted, but those can be easily dealt with.

Adjust Your Hiring Process

Hiring the right candidate for your catering team doesn’t often come easily, nor does it come with one phone call or interview. Take the time to ask different sorts of questions, including those unrelated to the position so that you get a better idea of who your candidate is as a person, involve other members of your team, both immediate and executive members, for additional perspectives, and be sure to utilize the references that are provided at any stage o the process to clarify skills or information you value more than others. Taking the time to adjust your hiring practices can result in more successful hires and improve retention – definitely something to think about if you are finding your team comes and goes pretty quickly.

Hire From Within

Many organizations get the hiring bug and immediately turn to the above options to find their next candidate. But what about those already within your organization? According to Forbes, promoting from within beats hiring externally across the board. Of course this is the case for those positions that a potential candidate could successfully moveĀ into with a promotion and nurturing, such as team leaders, project managers, managers and executives. This way you know you have someone already committed to your brand, who understands the way the organization works, the processes you have in place, and the overall company goals. This saves huge amounts of training time, and also the inherent learning that comes simply from being a part of the team.

There’s lots to think about when it comes to growing your catering team, but figuring out what you need as an organization is the best place to start, so that you can find a candidate that compliments your needs, and settles into your team as seamlessly as possible.


Photo credit: mag3737 via photopin cc