Five Ways To Appeal To Millenials

Generation Y - MillenialsIt’s no strange notion that Millenials comprise a significant portion of any market audience. They are the largest group purchasing our products and services, and should be, if nothing else, at least a consideration for any brand looking to grow their business and reach.

So, how do you appeal to a group of potential customers that might have never heard of you, let alone spend money within your four walls?

Here are five ways to appeal to Millenials:

  1. Be familiar with technology
    • It’s a given that we are going to use technology in our programs – whether it’s the computer system you use in your back office or the POS System you use in the front-of-house, technology is prevalent almost everywhere. However, being familiar with the technologies that Millenials use is a key to opening the gates of conversation with them – learning how they like to order food from you (online, mobile, kiosk, phone), how they like to share information (social), how they want to get promotions from you (FourSquare, Groupon), and how they want to hear from you or even share their own feedback (Yelp), will all help connect you with this group of buyers
  2. Make it easy for them to find information
    • Millenials are always connected, whether it’s online via their computer, through social media or on their mobile devices (smartphones, laptops etc. Of course, it’s not always necessary to be on every platform or social media, but find what works for your brand, and what works for those Millenials you are trying to target. Depending on what they respond, it may help to direct you in your efforts so you can be most efficient with your time
  3. Engage with them
    • Once you have identified where you are talking to Millenials, you want to make sure you actually do it! Don’t simply put information or content out there and leave it at that. Encourage your audience to share, comment, discuss and talk about what you are putting out there. You can drive engagement and interaction with contests, promotions and truly informative pieces; and when a Millenial reach starts a conversation with your brand, respond to it. Positive or negative, engaging with your audience is important to establishing, building and maintaining a relationship with them, that can potentially grow your audience even further
  4. Let them know who your brand is
    • Brands are so for a reason – because the leadership, founding or management team(s) took the time to evaluate what was important to them at their core, and also to help them sell their product or service. You should share this with your audience. Millenials are big on being involved with causes, organizations, brands, etc once they know, and can relate to, a brand’s story or purpose. Let your audience know about your social and corporate responsibilities, what you do in your community and how you interact with the larger society
  5. Provide them with rich content
    • Your audience wants to see content that is valuable to them, things that they can use, learn from or put into action themselves. So whether you provide them with informative blog posts, infographics to help them understand something, or simply a way to take your brand home with them, make sure you do so in a way that always comes across as valuable. Millenials respond to many different forms of content, so try out what works best for your brand – video might help share your brand story, blog posts might tell a story about your processes or a success story you have, and promotional images can help Millenials share with their peers and be brand ambassadors for you

Millenials aren’t an entirely confusing group of people to work towards attracting! They are connected regularly and expect speed of service at all times, whether they are in your store or online, and as a result, they know what they expect from our brands, which in turn gives us a reason to self-examine what we are doing and how we are doing it.

How do you appeal to Millenials? Check out this infographic (courtesy of Motley Fool) for some great visual insights as to what Millenials are all about.