The B2B Catering Customer and their Execution Expectations


Catering Customer ChecklistExecution is the backbone and glue that holds a catering program together. Without consistent, efficient execution our catering programs will falter and never achieve true, optimal success in regards to sales and profitability.

Think about these two statics:

  1. The business-to-business (B2B) customer spends $18 billion
  2. The average business spends $1,100 a month

With these numbers in mind think about your catering program as it stands today. Are you meeting the needs of the B2B customer?

Top Five B2B Catering Customer Needs:

  1. Food Quality and Taste
  2. Accurate Orders
  3. Confidence/Trust
  4. On-Time Delivery
  5. Convenience and Ease of Ordering

We will not meet our customer needs if we don’t have processes and systems in place and therefore we will not realize optimal sales growth. I would suggest to everyone who feels like their catering programs aren’t doing as well as they like to start evaluating the brands that have a large share of the catering market . Bring in lunches from competitors every couple of weeks. Rank yourselves against the competition in relation to the above five top needs. Remember, the competition aren’t companies that have similar food products as your brand, it’s companies that are offering a similar catering or off premise service as your brand.

These top five needs all center around execution. Lead generation and business development will only get your so far. Meeting expectations and executing flawlessly is the only way to retain our customers and build our programs.

Call us! We’ll help you put together the six steps that will ensure flawless execution for your brand.

Photo credit: Daniel Kulinski via photopin cc