Engaging our Teams to Prioritize Catering


Planning Catering Business Priorities for 2015By Lisa Bass, Senior Faculty Member, the Catering Institute

As Catering leadership, we often find it challenging to align our teams into one common vision. This is often connected to the difficulties we face in setting attainable, effective business goals and how effectively we’re able to communicate them to our team members.

One of the major issues contributing to this is that we often work in silos. Unfortunately, it can feel as though we are working on an island and that no one has catering on their minds besides us.

One of the reasons it feels this way is due to competing priorities. Within a restaurant organization, often the majority of the focus goes to traditional restaurant operations, and the catering priorities sometimes get pushed to the side.

What can be done to change this habitual behavior within our organizations?

The first strategy has to be an aligned communication strategy.  It sounds so simple, but without regular practice and discipline, we will revert to old habits.

The responsibility and the solution lie within ourselves.  The catering program priorities we set need to be aligned with our internal partners.  We should be asking our teams, “How can we make your lives easier? What are you working on? How can catering play a part in the solution?”

If we can connect our teams’ goals to the larger catering strategy, and communicate how their goals contribute, the chances of engagement are far greater.

Reach out to your team members and make sure you understand what they as individuals need to achieve this year.

We are all on the same team.  Happy New Year.