Eleven Marketing Tactics for Restaurant Caterers


11 Marketing Tactics for Restaurant CaterersGetting the word out about your restaurant catering program can be a challenge. As a different business from your retail or delivery operation, it has a different customer profile. Understanding the motivation of your catering customers is vital in creating a coordinated, consistent and effective marketing approach. Your specific catering message will be used in all areas of your business and must be focused on the benefits that are important to your customers.

Here are eleven marketing tactics to use within your four walls:

  1. Place catering menus prominently on tables or in other areas along your guests’ pathway
  2. Display catering menus at a dedicated register, such as your takeout or pick up area
  3. Ensure table tents and point-of-purchase pieces are provided for all stores and are consistently displayed
  4. Include a catering menu and bounce back coupons with all orders, whether takeout, pickup or catering
  5. Place catering signage along your drive-thru lanes and at the customer pickup window
  6. Use curbside signage to promote your catering and off-premise program
  7. Ensure all staff uniforms have buttons that promote catering, such as “Ask me about catering!”
  8. Provide magnetic signage for all delivery and catering vehicles
  9. Add prominent catering messaging to your website – banners, pop ups and other calls to action can all help get attention
  10. Add catering language to all company email messages and social media posts – you can even include a message in your email signatures and be sure to embed a link to your catering website or dedicated page
  11. Add catering messaging to all of your retail customers receipts, and don’t forget that you can use the bottom of receipts for more bounce back coupons!

There are so many more marketing tactics that you can use – stay tuned for future posts for more ideas!