Deal or No Deal?

DealOrNoDealHeadThe Education Module that is most sought after is our Catering Sales Manager (CSM) Training. Everyone wants to know how to grow sales. We ask them “How do you differentiate yourself from all the other Catering Sales Managers out there, and get the most sales?!”

This came from my own experience as a long time Catering Sales Manager. I was hosting several meetings, presentations and luncheons – just like all the other CSM’s in town. I would have rooms filled with 10-50 administrative assistants at my immediate disposal. I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t leaving the meetings with many orders. I had to figure out a way to get the most of my time and effort – and get lots of orders before leaving each meeting.

It came to me! While everyone in the room had catering needs and loved the food and services my company offered, very few wanted to “pull the trigger” and place an order on the spot. I realized that I needed to make the experience fun, engaging, non-threatening and rewarding! I knew if I could get the ball rolling, others would follow suit and order up!

And so “Deal or No Deal?” was born! It changed the results immediately! Through this exercise I was able to engage the group, make it fun, give them a reason to order now and get rewarded for doing so! Once the first person placed an order and won, the others wanted in on the deal! No one wanted to miss out; the chain reaction was amazing! I never left a meeting without 10-15 orders after that!

Not only was this a successful sales technique, but it also differentiated me from all the other CSM’s in town. Prospects and clients remembered me; I was the “Deal or No Deal?” lady. I stood out from the pack and remained top of mind. That is a big win in a business that is highly relationship based.

Want to know more about pulling off this technique? There are some simple steps to follow to achieve great results.

And if you want to see how you can creatively include some new sales techniques within your own teams, feel free to call or email me and I’ll share my secrets!

Tracy Avolio - VP, Client Services, MMS Catering Institute