Climbing Monkeys


2014115-017-DSC_4546-1600pxHere at Monkey, our leadership is really great with ensuring we get out for team building events regularly throughout the year. We try to do it every other month, and last week was the first event of 2014.

In true Monkey style, the team headed out to Cliffhanger Climbing in Vancouver for an afternoon of…you guessed it! Rock climbing! Donning our workout gear, safety harnesses and fancy climbing shoes, the team at Cliffhanger gave us our safety instructions and, in the spirit of competition that highlights every team event, separated us into teams amid much cheering and friendly teasing.

Each team was encouraged to make as many climbs as possible, and also to attempt variations in climbing difficulty to gain as many points as possible. With team and individual climber rewards, there was much motivation for everyone, not to mention the potential for bragging rights at the end of the afternoon.

We were let loose on the climbing wall under the watchful eyes and supervision of our instructors, and surprisingly we found that we had some natural and experienced climbers among us – quite appropriate for Monkeys, I suppose! Amid cheering, calls of encouragement and lots of laughter, climbers made their way to the top of the wall to claim their points, before heading back down to swap with the next team member.

During our two hour climb, we learned new things about one another, such as our tolerance for heights, how to provide instructions to help teammates achieve their goal, who had hidden climbing talents, and how to help some Monkeys overcome genuine fears; we cheered each other on; we high five-d a lot; and we were utterly exhausted by the end of it. And that always calls for team appies at a local restaurant where we had a chance to wind down, laugh about the day, and start our weekend in style.

Enjoy some of the shots from the day below!