Catering Sales Managers: Eight Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By ChecklistSales is a tough business.  It takes a lot of energy, determination, preparation, practice, time management skills and heart.  You always have a lot going on and it can be overwhelming at times.  Below are a few key points to remember on a daily basis. Stay focused and steadfast in the points listed here, and enjoy your successes!

  • Take what you can get until you get what you want – Always be striving for more – learn more, practice more, try more, expect more, succeed more!
  • Pre-plan each day – Preparation and being proactive is key to sales success. Determine your upcoming event opportunities, outline your sales targets, and research the companies.  Being prepared gives you the edge against your competition.
  • Approach all calls and meetings with confidence – YOU ARE THE EXPERT! – Practice your consultative selling skills – your job is to be a proactive consultant and solve for your customer’s needs. The services you offer above and beyond your food are of great value to your customers.  Take pride in your expertise and skills!
  • Be professional and courteous – Enough said.
  • Demonstrate expertise and experience, but have fun as well – You should enjoy your job and if you do, that will shine through to your customers. By making your interactions with customers fun and engaging you will stand out and remain top of mind and the go-to person for their catering needs.
  • Always follow up on calls, meetings and events – If you promise a client more information or materials, deliver it promptly. Always do what you say you will do. Catering is largely based on relationships, and the best relationships are built on trust.
  • Always be focused on getting more from every account – Demonstrate, penetrate, radiate and dominate! It’s never about just one order from a client. Always be searching for additional opportunities from one client, their co-workers, other departments, other branch offices, family members, etc.  The opportunities are endless, you just have to uncover them!
  • Persistence is a virtue – Sales ebb and flow, but with persistence, you will grow your catering sales. Believe you will succeed and you will!  Go after it!

Tracy Avolio - VP, Client Services, MMS Catering Institute