Check Your Catering Ego At The Door

ReviewDoctors call it self-examination while psychiatrists call it self-diagnosis. Whatever you call it, checking-in with yourself can be a valuable opportunity to assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

Imagine if you had the opportunity several times a year to step back and assess your catering program and your accomplishments within it… what would that review look like? Would you be the champion among your peers, or the leader recognized by guests for delivering your brand’s value time and again?

Twice a year, the Leadership Team at MonkeyMedia Software conduct staff reviews that are truly peer-to-peer oriented. The first step of the process is the completion of the staff review form by each team member, where we review our own accomplishments for the past six months, in relation to the goals set during the last round of reviews.  We provide comments and feedback on the projects we completed and results attained.

Next, we review our own roles and experience, the quality of work delivered, the quality of our communication, our dependability and our ability to complete tasks effectively and on time. Then we set our goals and objectives for the next six months. Upon completion of this document, we send it to our individual leaders (in my case, Mo Asgari, President) and schedule a 45-minute meeting to discuss our findings from our self-examination. During that meeting we agree on the goals and metrics for the next six months.

More than anything this process is self-guided and requires an enormous amount of honesty and personal reflection. It’s not easy. Chances are, if your review is dramatically different from that of your leader’s, something’s not right and it’s time for further examination.

Now, this is isn’t a time for self-deprecation or putting others down. Or, at least it shouldn’t be. However, if you take the time to slow down and really look inwards and then outwards, I’m confident you will see your own strengths and weaknesses as others do. And that’s a good thing. It provides opportunities for growth – both personally and professionally. It allows you to step-up to the plate and take ownership for your attitude and actions.

Perhaps you already do this throughout your catering and off-premise operation. If not, perhaps it’s time you did. Don’t be scared of what you might uncover. Celebrate it and take steps to drive real change and growth. Sales and profits await, as do opportunities to deliver exceptional customer service to new and loyal customers alike.

And if you uncover a few issues that you’re not quite sure how to resolve, or need help setting goals for future growth, call us anytime. After all, catering and off-premise growth is what we do.

Let’s talk catering.