A Catering Community

Catering CommunityWe all like to think of ourselves as experts in our fields. That confidence guides us in the decisions we make, influences our daily lives, and makes us good at what we do.

To be a true expert in our field however, it is important to constantly be evolving and learning. To do this we need to be open to other opinions, listen to, and contemplate other ideas and ways of doing things, make an effort to network and gather with peers in our industry.

In the catering industry there is a tremendous amount of competition amongst Catering Sales Managers. Everyone is after that daily lunch order, that new corporate client, and the big national accounts. It can get tough out there.  It’s important to remember we are a community and when one succeeds, we all succeed. There is room for all of us out there, but all of us have an obligation to be the best we can be to not only grow our brands but to grow the catering industry as a whole.

This Thursday, June 6, a group of over sixty catering experts from around the country gathered in Chicago at the first MMS Catering Institute™ Workshop. The workshop focused on catering sales, consultative selling, lead generation, effective cold calling techniques, and so much more. It was an exciting opportunity for us “experts in our fields” to gather, learn, debate, discuss, and share ideas.

This was also a fantastic opportunity to build our network and come together as a community to not only better ourselves, but the catering industry as a whole.

Take a look at some of the great photos our team took during the day on our Facebook page – Get Catering and Grow Sales!

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